Quick Pick Prime


When purchasing state or multi-state lottery tickets players can opt to pay an additional fee per ticket in order to get a combination of numbers that have either not been played yet, or that have been played the least amount of times at the time of purchase. The fee for this service can increase as the time to the drawing gets closer. This service can be used for in person or digital ticket purchases.
Example: Person walks into 7-11 convenience store to buy 2 Powerball Tickets for $2.00 per ticket. Clerk asks if they want to add Quick Pick Prime to their purchase. Person says yes. It is 2 days until Powerball drawing. Quick Pick Prime service is an additional .10 per ticket (state lottery organization makes 5% more on this ticket purchase). Using same example if it was 6 hours until the Powerball drawing the Quick Pick Prime service could cost more, such as .25 per ticket (state lottery organization makes 12.5% more on this ticket purchase). Quick Pick Prime allows lottery organization to make more revenue without having to sell more tickets.
DEMONSTRATION: User buying one Powerball Ticket for $2.00 five hours before the drawing wants to get a unique set of numbers. Opts for Quick Pick Prime and is charged $2.25 for the ticket.

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